"Dragon Atlas: Legendary Dragons of the World" Laurence King, illustrated by Pham Quang Phuc

"The Dragon Atlas: Legendary Dragons of the World" by Anna Claybourne, and published by Hachette’s imprint, Laurence King, was illustrated by Pham Quang Phuc, who’s illustrations really bought this concept to life.

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This book is a beautifully illustrated guide to the world's most fearsome and legendary dragons, with magical stories, maps, fascinating dragon facts and tales of close encounters. Travel the globe to discover the facts behind this fierce creature of myth and legend.

See them in their natural habitats, lurking in the swamps of West Africa or guarding their treasure in a cave-dwelling in Europe. Read exciting tales of dragons good and bad, including the story of the dragon-slaying princess Thanake of Africa and the epic tale of Assipattle and the giant sea dragon.

Beautifully illustrated maps pinpoint the locations of dragons around the globe, whilst special feature spreads take a closer look at dragon features, dwellings and dragon sightings. From the spectacular Chinese dragon with its long snakelike body to the seven-headed Herensuge of the Basque region in Spain, this captivating compendium of dragon facts and exciting tales will take you on a mythical quest to discover all there is to know about these magnificent beasts.

Pham Quang Phuc is an illustrator from Vietnam. Nowadays he mostly does children's books. With his childhood dream of writing for children, he now considers storytelling is a way to balance his life and hopes young readers will gain interests and dreams from his books. 

It will be published on Sep 26 2024, here’s a link for you to find it!

Art directed by Sadie Smith and Ella Tomkins.

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