The King's Coronation - Natalie Foss designs an emblem for ITV

Did you happen to catch any of the The Coronation of King Charles?! The coronation saw a 74-year-old crowned with a solid gold crown made in 1661 in front of 2,200 guests from across the political, royal and celebrity worlds. Here are some words from illo Agent Tom Allen, who helped manage this project….

What I would like you all to do is cast your memory back to March 24th, which was a Friday -- what were you all doing? For me, it was raining cats and dogs and I had just dropped my umbrella down the side of the train station where I live. I was wet, cold, and extremely grumpy. 

It was then that I saw an email, an email from the most unlikely of clients: ITV Creative. We had never worked with them before, so I was a bit confused about why they wanted to set up a call with us. After a long call in a small and slightly smelly cafe in New Cross, Illo Agency had been offered to create the illustrated emblem for ITV’s coverage of The King's Coronation on May the 6th.

With the help of the ever-amazing artist Natalie Foss, myself, Natalie and The Head of Design at ITV, got to work to create the emblem for The Coronation-- all in under a week. The illustration itself was to be inspired by floral-based pattern illustrations, basically thinking of a modern-day William Morris style and taking inspiration from Sir Jony Ive’s illustration created for the day.

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