“The Christ of Christmas” Rita Tan works with Lifeway

B&H Publishing Group, an imprint of Lifeway Christian Resources commissioned Rita Tan for their title “The Christ of Christmas” a story about a multicultural family narrated by the young daughter. The family deals with some hardships such as their sadness due to the mother's sickness and the father's struggle with faith. Through the mother's tradition of telling the nativity story they find peace that strengthens their faith.

As this isn’t a typical cute children's book, it is a more serious story for families to read together in the Christmas season, they felt Rita had a style that can appeal to both younger and older kids, and can capture a range of emotions and moods in their work.

With sixty-four beautifully illustrated pages, The Christ of Christmas is a charming read for the family to revisit together each year and will look gorgeous on coffee tables as a new Christmas time tradition. Here's where you can get yourself a copy.

Rita grew up in Indonesia before moving to Washington, USA. She has always loved to draw since she was a child, especially drawing people. She is a city kid, but a suburban mom. Her two children are her source of inspiration. She loves reading them books, and believes picture books are magical. Rita is a self taught artist. She loves drawing digitally, as it gives her more freedom. If she’s not drawing, then she’s writing stories, gardening, cooking, reading or just hanging out with her family. Do enjoy looking at her wonderful interpretations above…

If you’d like more info, please contact: [email protected]

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