The Book of Legends by Sir Lenny Henry, illustrated by Keenon Ferrell

We’re excited to share a cover reveal for this incredible new middle grade novel by Lenny Henry, illustrated throughout by the very talented Keenon Ferrell, who also illustrated Lenny’s previous children’s book The Boy With Wings.

The Book of Legends, is perfect for fans of outrageous adventures.

Here’s more info below….

Two ordinary kids are about to go on one extraordinary adventure! Bran and Fran love living with their mum, who is the storyteller at the Once Upon a Wow bookstore in their small Midlands town. But when mum goes missing and her stories turn out to be a portal to another world, they're going to have a huge, magical adventure on their hands. Luckily, they have Wilma, the Wizard's Wife, and Zack, the wisecracking Zebracorn, to help them on their journey. And they're going to need help because there are evil princes, mud monsters and Viking armies all standing in their way. . .

Keenon Ferrell is an illustrator and animator based in NYC. He makes artwork inspired by music, fashion and sports. He also has a love for storytelling, fantasy and history which can be seen throughout his work. The emotion in Keenon’s caught the eye of Sir Lenny Henry and has really bought the books to life! with Keenon’s other clients including Netflix, Capital One, StoryCorps, Sony Music Entertainment, to name a few.

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