Shirley Hottier drawing to empower, Save The Children

Shirley Hottier was recently commissioned by Hannah Newth at Save The Children, she was asked to create Illustrations for a ‘Girls Protection and Empowerment Curriculum’, a manual for use in their Girls’ Clubs.

This specific manual was a 3 part manual for staff who will be running Girls’ Clubs. Here’s a few of the illustrations Shirley drew to empower the next generation of women, she created these along with front covers, full and half page illustrations for the start of each module and sub module.

The girls attending these clubs are usually in situations of migration or displacement worldwide. The aim of the module is so girls have increased knowledge about their rights and increased awareness of gender equality and their rights to be treated fairly. Also that girls develop a positive identity and recognise how they can use their strengths to defend their rights. Important, unforgettable work by Shirley Hottier, and of course Save the Children, both sailing to support a brighter future.

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