Sandra De La Prada illustrates a new fiction title by Mike Henson!

We love it when hugely creative, talented people come together and create an explosion of colour, character, and much needed hilarity.

Happy Yak, a new imprint of the Quarto publishing group, asked Illo Artist; Sandra De La Prada to illustrate a new fiction title written by Mike Henson called Broccoli's Big Day! 

You’ll be delighted to know it features a grumpy aubergine, an arrogant potato, and many more veggie characters. This amusing tale highlights how special we are in our own ways.

Sandra de la Prada was born and raised in Barcelona, where she still lives today. She comes from a family where drawing is a prominent hobby, so she spent many hours of her childhood drawing.

Sandra really enjoyed working on this book and said, “I hope I get to illustrate more books like this, full of humour and colour!”

Mike Henson grew up in Zimbabwe, but after bobbing around the world, has ended up on a little island off the south coast of England. Mike loves to create stories, pictures, songs, and messes in the kitchen. As an author, illustrator, and designer, his main workspace is a little caravan in the garden, crammed full of books, sketch pads, pencils and other nonsense.

Hope you enjoy the sneak peek of Broccoli's Big Day! 

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