Puffin Winter Campaign with Paper artist Laura Sayers

We are excited to share some incredible paper art, the sets behind the books, from artist Laura Sayers as a part of a campaign for Puffin Books UK.

The decorative scenes were a way to add Christmas cheer to Puffin’s books for the winter season! Art direction and animation was aided by the team at Thinking juice.

The angular yet delicate paper displays create the perfect festive backdrop to many well loved books. The simplicity of the shapes and colours compliments the intricacy of the book covers yet can also be appreciated as a work of art itself.

Laura is an illustrator from Scotland who's work mainly involves scissors and lots of layers of paper. She has worked on a whole host of projects with writers, musicians, dancers, animators, magicians and now Puffin Books!

Her bold images that focus on colour, shape and scale lend themselves to a wide and versatile range of people and projects. She often speaks at events about her practice and unique style. The images speak for themselves - her work is elegant yet bold and these festive sets are another example of her paper masterpieces.

If you want to see more of Laura’s work, she can be found on Instagram @lauraksayers.