‘Presidential’ illustrations by Monique Steele

Another pretty fantastic book to celebrate! The Presidents Decoded: A Guide to the Leaders Who Shaped Our Nation - these ‘presidential’ illustrations are by Monique Steele, the book is written by Katie Kennedy, and published/ commissioned by Workman Publishing.

This books brings the discussion of what a President does. It includes 45 people who have held the job in this important book that showcases how they each led the country in their time-and features their own thoughts and words through their documents, letters, diaries, speeches and so much more. (*Very clever of you to catch this! the number is off by 1 because Grover Cleveland was the 22nd and the 24th president!)

Some call it the most important job in the world. It's certainly the most powerful. And it's one that every citizen needs to know about because we're the ones who vote to put a president in office. Lively, informative, filled with firsts and facts, big ideas and compelling anecdotes, The Presidents Decoded, is a richly layered guide to the leaders who have shaped our nation.

We agree totally with Monique’s comments below about seeing your art in print - and big thanks for all your hard work on this @momosteeleart > you should feel very proud! 

‘Drawing presidents and other important historical figures this time around. It’s always the coolest thing ever seeing something you worked on in print”

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