oksana drachkovska joins Illo Agency!

Illo Agency welcome Oksana Drachkovska to the join the team of Illustrators that we represent!

Oksana has some beautiful artwork combining textures with digital finishes to create a unique style that would be great over several markets. and we asked her a few questions when she joined us. 

Q: Welcome Oksana! Can you tell us about who some of your artistis inspirations are?

A: I am more inspired for Illustration by movies than Illustrators as I really love cinema, painting and theatre. One of my greatest inspirations is Wim Wendesrs, Andrew Takovsky, Wes Anderson as well as many others. Some of my inspiration from illustrators comes from Laura Carlin, Beatrice Alemagna, Valerio Vidali, JOao Fazenda and many more.

Q: Its great to look outside the boundaries of Illustratin for inspiration, and other creative corners to spark up new ideas. Can you describe your style in your own words?

A: In my work my biggest goal is to create a special atmosphere, another reality that makes the audience want to dive right into the artwork.

Q: Sounds magical! So what do you get up to in your spare time?

A: As an Illustrator I am taught to be very attentive to the world, and therefore I have a lot of things to inspire me everyday. I try to draw little stories or reflections about my day whenever I am not working on a live project as this helps me to collect material that could be used in a later project.

Q: A wise thing to do! Do you have a favourite thing to Illustrate?

A: I really like to draw marine and forest themes in my artwork, and also a variety of different people.

Q: You can see that from your portfolio, I love the Whale piece! So, what made you sign with us here at Illo?

A: I love creating new challenges and looking for new adventures - so this is one of the new adventures that I am taking!

To find out more about Oksana's work, you can head to her portfolio where you can see how talented she is! Her portfolio page can be accessed from here, and if you would like to commission Oksana or find out any further information, please feel free to contact one of the Illo Agents who can help bring your project to life.

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