Now Draw The Curtain" an exhibition by Ana Curbelo

If you are London based or lucky enough to visit next month,  and you fancy seeing some fantastic art by Anna Curbelo, this really is something worth swinging over too....

The venue is The Book Club in Old Street, which is a popular bar that hosts exhibitions on a regular basis.

It will last for just over a month, from the 3rd of November till the 10th of December.

Below is a description - and do see the poster below, and a few previously known artworks.

"Now Draw The Curtain" is an exhibition by Ana Curbelo, the award-winning illustrator, that brings together a body of work developed over the last four years. Over three rooms, the exhibition traces an evolution that has affected both her palette and the mood her work evokes. The humorous militant feminism of her early illustrations, characterised by punchy colours and rotund anatomies, has gradually given way to greater introspection and a mostly monochromatic execution.

The subtle gestural elegance of her most recent work, in black and white, reflects a thoughtful contemplation of emotional intimacy, which serves as a satisfying counterpoint to her more socially committed earlier work. Now draw the curtain affords multiple insights into the social, political and emotional perceptions of a talented artist capable of confronting current issues intelligently -and warmly.

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