New Categories on Website!

We have just updated our categories on the website here at Illo to showcase the best of our distinct and diverse artists work in the most asked for industries that we cater towards. We now have four main categories that you can select from to look through our artists work:

- Kids Publishing - have a look in here for some of our amazing Illustrators who are able to capture the narrative, characters and appeal of the children's book market

- Book Covers - for something a little older in the publishing world, head over to the book covers section where you can see some existing and potential images to be used or already in use as book covers

- Editorial - here you will find artwork that can be turned around quickly and artists who can give their own spin on current affairs and on trend topics of conversation

- Advertising - for something more conceptual, head over to the advertising sections, these artists are showcased as being great representatives of handling a campaign across a multitude of topics

All of these can be found in the 'Industries' section on the website, and you simply select the category that you would like to have a look through. Some of our artists are in more then one as their artwork crosses over into several different areas and you can contact one of the Agents here at Illo to find out more about the artist, their availability or to get some larger files to present.

In addition to these categories, you can also select the order in which you view the artworks, simple select 'sort by' and choose one of the following options:

- Whats new - this orders the images based on the latest artwork imported onto the website appearing at the top, it is in no particular order in terms of artist, it is based on newness!

- Artists overview - this shows you one image of each of the artists that have artwork suitable to this category. Not all the artists are in each, but some appear in more then one as noted above

We hope you enjoy this new layout, our talented pool of Illustrators are available to take on new projects straight away, and you can use the Illo team to help make your life easier by making selections against projects, send over larger files and even manage larger projects for you - just contact one of our team to find out more!

at Illo Agency, we pride ourselves in representing a collation of global illustrators, distinctly diverse in creativity and uniquely celebrates by like-minded clients across a range of commercial markets.