More stellar work from the latest additions to Lyft's Rev

As Tom’s relationship with Lyft continues to Bloom, we have even more stellar work from by the illo artists for the latest additions to Rev. Lyft commission/ produce a lot of illustration for their site, creativity at it's best! 

So Rev is Lyft’s editorial brand, they cover everything from Rideshare to bikes, electrification to AVs, and urban planning to transportation equity. Rev will tell the stories of the people, technology, and ideas that are changing the world of transportation. 

Here's a recent piece by Natalie Foss! An incredible portrait of Felix Salmon (approved / appreciated by Felix himself), the chief financial correspondent at Axios.

What’s it about? Felix talks to Jason Tanz about his passion for cycling and Citi Bike; NYC's Official Bike Sharing System.

Here’s the article here

Also shared below is Noah Lawrence Holder contribution an article based around the reasons for using a Rideshare app with Lyft, research showing that Rideshare use varies dramatically with income level.

Read the full article here

And finally a new piece by Maria Contreras, this one is a list of 10 transportation voices across social media to follow.

Find them here 

If you like further info on any of this artists or on this projects, please contact [email protected]

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