Mez Clark designs a poster for the 3rd ‘Festival Muse en Scène’ in France.

Mez Clark was asked to design a poster for the 3rd ‘Festival Muse en Scène’ @musefestival in Saint-Junien, France. She teamed up with the super @studiobysshe agency for the project… and here's the wonderful result!

Young Association creates events based on the music and activities of the local area. The association was founded by Saint-Juniauds, Pont Levis and aims to showcase local groups by establishing an annual MUSE EN SCÈNE festival. Pont-Levis has a deep desire to get the city moving, while getting people from different ages and mixed backgrounds together to celebrate. Music is at the heart of their project, as is the desire to get together, to party, to laugh, to share. We haven’t done enough of that these past couple of years!

Mez is an English Illustrator living in France - her home for the last 17 years. She graduated in Graphic Design from EPSAA in Paris, where she also studied illustration. But her passion for illustration really began when illustrating juice and soup packaging in her first job as a junior Artistic Director. She loves to write and sketch - imagining and designing characters - giving them a home in a story. Mez enjoys creating their playful worlds and magical universes used in/on all sorts of supports. Always cooking, food is a big inspiration for Mez and her work.  Another inspiration is her beautiful dog Paris, who is behind every smile she draws. She hopes each smile brings a little happiness to someone.

If you have any questions or a specific project in mind, please do get in touch: [email protected]

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