Mary Flora Hart’s loves creating colourful illustrations with a good story behind them!

Mary Flora Hart’s work focuses on anything from tropical environments to sex education. She loves creating colourful illustrations with a good story behind them!

Alongside illustration, Mary is passionate about travelling, encouraging green and feminist attitudes, rollerskating and music, particularly within the genres of hip-hop and RnB. She loves immersing within these cultures and their work often signifies this.

Let’s jump straight into our Q&A…

When did you start illustrating?

I’ve been drawing and a fairly creative person my whole life, however I believe the year after collage I really started to get into it as I prepared a portfolio for my art foundation course. This is where I discovered what illustration actually was and fell in love with it. 6 years later here I am doing it for a career!

Who has been the most supportive in your illustration career, perhaps your teacher, family, friends?

I’ve been lucky to receive loads of support from my friends and family however, it was actually my school Design and Technology teacher that pointed me in the right direction when I felt super lost after college. Even after getting pretty good grades in my A Levels, I wasn’t passionate about any of my subjects and had no idea what I wanted to do after college, but she encouraged me to do an Art Foundation course as she remembered how much I enjoyed Graphics GCSE in school and saw my potential.

Did you always think art was something that was going to be a major part of your life?

Not at all. My family, despite being creative in their own ways, have all gone down fairly academic paths and landed amazing jobs; being the youngest of 3 I felt compelled to follow this same kind of route, and didn’t actually know for a while that you could make a living from drawing pictures??

What is your favourite subject matter to illustrate?

Tropical environments any day of the week. I love drawing animals and plants, the more chaotic and overcrowded the scene is, the better.

How would you describe your style?

Colourful and immersive digital illustration with a lot of attention to detail.

What is your favourite collaboration to date?

It’s got to be, Lady garden, a publication focusing on female inmate health done as part of my final year project at University. It was so amazing to work on a project with like minded women and focus on such an important topic that rarely receives the kind of attention it needs.

What interested you about being represented by Illo Agency?

Definitely the diversity. Working alongside artists of different cultural backgrounds but also the variety in illustration styles and outcomes from briefs. Doing the same thing with the same people all the time can be super boring. I’m excited to expand my own personal experience and also have a nosey at what everyone else is up to!

Do you have a favourite author, film director, or designer?

I’m a little embarrassed to say, I barely read... so I don’t have a favourite author. I’m dyslexic, and reading is one of the main areas I struggle with, I rarely find a book that I can just click with.

My favourite director is Hayao Miyazaki, he directed many of my favourite Studio Ghibli films which I feel had a significant impact on my attitude towards art, nature and social attitudes growing up.

My favourite designer is probably Kate Moross, I’ve been following their work for a longggg time. I absolutely adore their use of colour and typography, despite really struggling with typography myself. They often focus on the topics of music and gender, two areas that I find incredibly interesting.

Are you working on any personal projects you can share with us?

Yes! I’ve been working for the last 2 months between commissions on a pack of cards, with each suite focusing on a different animal species, and I’m absolutely loving it. Understandably, with 52 separate designs, it's a very long project, but I’m enjoying taking my time with it, picking each of the animals, playing around with colour pallets and ensuring that each image is consistent with the last. It’s really nice to have something so big to work towards and keep me busy when things get a little quiet.

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, do you have a favourite?

Not often, however I think I’m just yet to find one I really vibe with. I blame my friends for slacking with their recommendations.

If you have any questions or a specific project in mind, please do get in touch: [email protected]
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