Lu Chen is an illustrator based in China, inspired by both the Chinese and UK culture

Lu Chen is an illustrator based in China. She graduated from Kingston University with a Master's Degree in illustration in 2020. During this period, she developed her illustration skills inspired by both the Chinese and UK culture. She has won many international awards, one of which being the 3×3 Illustration Annual No.17 (Gold winner). Her illustration style is impacted by graphic design, and the colour palette is warm and instantly recognisable. Lu gets inspiration from movies, nature and contemporary society.

When did you start illustrating?

I started painting skill when I was a senior high school student. However, I understand how to illustrating after I attended to university.

Who has been the most supportive in your illustration career, perhaps your teacher, family, friends?

I influenced by my undergraduate tutor a lot. I joined a ‘zine making workshop’ held by her when I was a freshman in university. The whole process of making zine was pretty funny. At that time, I had an idea to be an illustrator. After 3 years, I chose her as my tutor for the major project. She was patient and helped me a lot. Her advices always useful. I still appreciate her until now. I contact her from time to time, and exchange our new artworks.

Did you always think art was something that was going to be a major part of your life?

Yes, I did. I haven’t too much talent in illustration, but I born for it. I can’t live without it because it become part of my life. I’m thinking what I should create every moment. The importance of illustration seems beyond everything in my life.

What is your favourite subject matter to illustrate?

I think plants are my favourite, because no matter how many times I paint them, I won't get tired, and plants can always play a good effect in my artworks.

How would you describe your style?

My illustration style is impacted by graphic design, and the colour palette is retro and instantly recognisable.

What is your favourite collaboration to date?

I think my favourite collaboration till now is the AR exhibition which work with Sentio Space. I haven’t no limit to create my artwork, I love creating with freedom. In addition, this is the first time someone transfer my animation to AR. It’s makes my feel fantastic.

What interested you about being represented by Illo Agency?

I’ve heard Illo Agency before, it is a professional and great agency in my memory. I felt excited when I got invitation to join Illo. I think it will be a good journey to work with Illo. That’s my pleasure.

Do you have a favourite author, film director, or designer?

Jan Svankmajer is one of my favourite film director. I love his stop-motion animations. The style of his film is quirky, and always have the tone of surrealism. His film filled with imagination, I think he is an immortal artist in the art area.

Are you working on any personal projects you can share with us?

I will do some personal projects if I have free time. I’m painting series illustration named ‘ Body and soul’ recently. I have more time to focus on myself during pandemic, so I started to rethink the life I experienced, my physical body and abstract soul. I want to catch the feeling while thinking, and I want to use illustration to express the relationship between body and soul

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, do you have a favourite?

I love podcasts, I always listen podcasts while drawing. And my favourite one is a Chinese podcasts called ‘Eight Points’ which hosted by ‘Leung Man-Tao’. Leung Man-Tao is my favourite scholar, I never miss his podcasts. It’s worth to be mentioned that I always used the contents of ‘Eight Points’ as the inspiration of my artworks!

If you have any questions or a specific project in mind, please do get in touch: [email protected]

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