José Villamayor's recent work for The Happy Newspaper

I think we'll all welcome as much Happy News as possible - which is why we’re keen to share José Villamayor's recent work for The Happy Newspaper. José's art supports a piece written by Gabrielle Treanor, with beautiful sentiments such as demonstrating love for your fellow human.

Congratulations to José for creating such vibrant positive work!

Here’s a fragment of the text below…

"You don’t have to be feeling romantic towards someone to feel and demonstrate love. It’s in our actions and our words every day. (...) When you’re empathetic to a neighbour you’re giving them love. When you let someone go ahead of you in the supermarket queue, that is a demonstration of love for your fellow human. When you’re up half the night with a sick pet, it’s because of love. When you cheer on a friend’s success you’re showing love. When you put time, attention and energy into making a meal for your family, that’s love on a plate!"

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