Illustrated responses to wellbeing in reality television

Artists from Illo Agency have created some new Illustration work revolving around the current discussions surrounding the wellbeing of the participants of reality television.

Illo Agency prides itself in its distinct and diverse approach to an Illustration Agency, and we like to respond to topics of conversation that have awareness created around them to show off some of our talented artists and their interpretations of these topics.

You can see the intriguing interpretation of Maria Gabriella Gaspari's colourful interpretation of this topic, where you can see the correlation of life in the limelight compared to the physical support needed outside of the shows.

This is explored further through Sarah Gironi Carnevale, where this talented Illustrator focus's on the overwhelming feeling that contestants are exposed to as a result of overnight fame. We love the visual metaphor of hiding from the spotlights that seem to come with these roles created through reality TV.

Susasti Puri has taken an emotive approach to the topic, with the use of eyes and tears clearly showing the effect that these shows could be causing and addressing the issues that often go unnoticed.

And lastly you can see Simon Paulson's renewal conveyor belt interpreting this topic through his retro found images and clean cut execution.

To commission one of these talented artists, or to see more of our editorial illustrators, head to the Illo Agency website and contact one of the team to assist with one of your projects.