Illo Artists inspiring Inclusion: International Women's Day 2024!

This month, we have been overwhelmed by the response from the Illo artists who created some magical and very diverse work for us to share for International Women’s Day. This year’s worldwide theme was “Inspire Inclusion” - a motto that strongly resonates with Illo’s core values.

Please find a wonderful carousel of images above that celebrate women’s achievements, raise awareness and remind us to take action to keep driving gender parity!

Esther Lalanne’s illustrations are mainly focused on inclusivity, sexuality, mental health and relationships. She depicts a world where women, trans, non-binary, people of every race and sexuality can take up more space, and are free to exist without limitations.

Beautiful outlined work with a limited colour-palette by our new signee Katelyn Mckenna.

Sophie Kathleen’s shared LGTBQ+ women who made history and their important work. With inclusivity at heart, Sophie’s vibrant and often political art focuses on their passion for LGBTQ+ empowerment, feminism, and tackling taboos.

Jamaican-born illustrator Monique Steele is a big fan of Beyoncé and her work normally consists of bright colors, strong line work and loves to feature subjects such as empowered women in history. 

Together, our smile has the power of a thousand suns, a heartwarming piece by İstanbul-based illustrator Zeynep Ozatalay.

Sophia Watts created an illustration of three girls wearing traditional dresses in León, getting ready to perform at a folklore festival. Sophia’s passions outside of illustration include travel, a theme that features prominently in her work.

A soothing palette with pink and lilac undertones for a beautiful piece by Venezualan-based illustrator Noor El Sehnawi. Feliz Dìa Mujeres!

Croatian based artist Ana Salopek produced some powerful artworks. Ana likes to use her voice to spread the importance of human values, and emotional expressions of the world around us.

Veronica Johnson shared drawings of 1950s-1960s transwomen in her typical small-town Americana aesthetic and pulp detective novels style. As a transgender woman herself, she has done several projects involving LGBTQ history and wants her work to be a reflection of the past rooted in a modern perspective. 

Rita Tan created a beautiful and celebratory piece of women who made history.

Inko Ai Takita chose to depict Lady Murasaki, who wrote Tale of Genji, the world’s first psychological novel. She says about this piece: “When we hear ‘writers’ quite often imagining a man sitting in front of a typewriter or computer, with a smoke on his mouth. But it would be nice to pick up a female writer, who’s wise and talented, still inspires numerous others even after 1000 years.”

Rizkia Gita's ultimate aspiration is to create work that resonates with children worldwide, encouraging their imagination and sparking inspiration. 

Hope you enjoy these pieces and do get in touch if you’d like to collaborate.

Please contact: [email protected]

At illo agency, we pride ourselves in representing a collation of global illustrators, distinctly diverse in creativity and uniquely celebrated by like-minded clients across a range of commercial markets.