Illo Agency for the Bookseller

At Illo, we're always up to date with The Bookseller, as their daily beats eagerly arrive in our inboxes each morning. It was a nice wake-up call spotting ourselves in their headlines last month, as they reported our launch!

The Bookseller is a subscription-only magazine and has over 30,000 global readers each week. They report on all the very latest news from the publishing and bookselling world, which we have been warmly welcomed into. 

The article really drew focus on our mission to represent "distinct and diverse" artwork. As explained in the article, this statement can be interpreted in several different ways; our philosophy around giving a platform to universal voices, but also to collate an interesting group of illustration styles.

We're really glad that this special introduction was kept in close relation to the values that sit at the heart of Illo. 

Thanks to Charlotte Eyre and The Bookseller team!

at Illo Agency, we pride ourselves in representing a collation of global illustrators, distinctly diverse in creativity and uniquely celebrated by like-minded clients across a range of commercial markets.