How to Design Sellable Seasonal Designs, Fred Wolter

Earlier this month we tuned into Facebook Live to see Fred Wolter aka Mister Fred host a Webinar with Make It In Design. Fred was invited to join their live hub as an expert designer. The topic was How to Design Sellable Seasonal Designs.

There was lots of very valuable/ inspirational advice/ tips for creatives, and talk of Fred beginning a podcast (he has a great voice for it) so we (and I think Fred agrees) a “Fredcast” is a marvellous idea, and could be on the cards!

To watch the full webinar follow the link here 

In other Mister Fred news, here’s some artwork by Fred for a fashion collaboration with the brand @ihatemondaysocks

How wonderful are these socks! Fred’s artwork also appears on the underside of the socks, making them so special and unique!

There are 7 more designs for kids and grown ups! Here’s a link to where to buy them here  

If you have any questions or a specific project in mind, please do get in touch: [email protected]

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