Esther Lalanne and Natalie Foss in collaboration with Sofar Sounds for International Women’s Day!

We've waited patiently for the return of #livemusic and the time has finally come - we are collaborating with awesome brand Sofar Sounds to bring a night filled with music and art in aid of International Women’s Day!

The night will host two of Illo’s own, Esther Lalanne and Natalie Foss who will be showcasing their work in a secret venue in East London, which then be followed by three secret female musicians.

So cue the twinkling lights and sound checks, because Illo’s breaking into the music scene! We’ll share some more info as soon as we're able to!

Here’s a link to the event and above is a poster Esther created to celebrate International Women's Day

If you have any questions or a specific project in mind, please do get in touch: [email protected]

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