Dunni for Education in Chemistry

Illo artist, Dunni, has just finished an exciting project with the Royal Society of ChemistryCommissioned by Caroline Morley, the picture editor at the Royal Society of Chemistry, Dunni illustrated for the January issue of Education in Chemistry – a magazine for chemistry teachers in the UK and Ireland. The issue featured a series of articles on "Decolonising the Curriculum." The vision was to have a party of scientists from non-white backgrounds talking about how their contributions to science and medicine have been overlooked in science curriculums. Despite the serious topic, this article is quite fun and lighthearted.

Dunni was commissioned to create an illustration of five of the historical guests at a colourful Alice in Wonderland style tea party in a cartoon-ish style.

Why did they choose Dunni and Illo Agency?

"As this story is about giving credit to under-represented groups, it feels only right to commission an illustrator with a similar background and someone recommended your agency as a good way to connect with a diverse group of artists." 

Here are the five tea party guests that Dunni illustrated:

1. Daniel Hale Williams, an American surgeon who performed the first successful heart surgery.

2. Quarraisha Abdool Karim, South African specialist in infectious diseases know for her work on HIV.

3. Jabir Ibn Hayyan, an Arab Scholar from the 9th Century and a pioneer of chemistry among a few disciplines.

4. Saint Elmo Brady, the first African American to receive a PhD in Chemistry and went on to work in carboxylic acids

5. Marie Daly, a biochemist that worked on the relationship between cholesterol and heart health.

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