Don't be someone else

“To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, night and day, to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight; and never stop fighting.” e e cummings

We spend a lot of our lives not being who we are, there’s always a huge pressure on everyone to be someone else. We forgot that being ourselves is the most important attribute in our lives. So when I was tasked to I wanted to write about, how to be successful in the creative field it’s OK to be yourself.

So with this being said, I wanted to share some thought-provoking, beautiful, and downright weird Illustrations that have recently come out of our agency Illo. At the hope that these artists inspire any of you out there in your homes, to accentuate what is special and unique about yourself like all these wonderful humans have down so below.

Our first artist is Maria Gabriella Gasparri:

“Why are you so weird?” Is one of the titles of Maria's Illustrated books and it’s one of the reasons why Maria’s work brings us so much joy at Illo. Maria’s work is free, vibrant, bizarre and we love that! In a world where everything is very serious, a daily dose of Maria’s work will surely make you realise things aren’t so bad and that a bit of spontaneity in your daily routine is needed, so why not get up from your desk, whack on a bit of ABBA, dance around like a weirdo and embrace the pure beauty of Maria’s work in the link below!

Our second Artist is Santiago Taberna: 

 “The silly and the messy” Is how our next artist describes himself. Santiago’s work is an eclectic mix of vibrancy and energy and is a true testament to a person that was born in Argentina and then traveled halfway across the globe to move to Glasgow. Two places that couldn’t be any more different, but at their heart are filled with pure passion, which we think sums up Santiago's work perfectly. The work we wanted to focus on is called Kitten Rain which is a collection of cat Comics made from 2018-2020 about friendship, life, emotions, and the comforting thought that everything will be just fine. So if you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps and need a bit of cheering up, check out his book in the link below.

And our third artist is Lo Harris:

“Bright, vibrant, confident, and empowering.” I don’t think many people in the world could argue that we all need these right now, so it’s a good thing that these words were described around the fabulous Lo Harris’s artwork. Lo has been at Illo for a year now and every time we work with her, she always elevates the project and that’s not just with her work, but her personality as well. Lo not only focuses her work on Female Empowerment but Lo herself is also very much at the forefront of this movement, at the end of last year Lo was commissioned by WarnerMedia to design the inside and outside of the Be Kind by Ellen box. Each box is a physical manifestation of the feeling of joy Ellen brings her fans every day. The piece Lo created was demonstrating a sense of togetherness in a way that also honours the difference and individuality that makes people who they are. Lo’s use of diversity and creativity is precisely why she is such a joy to work with and why all of our clients adore her. Check out Lo’s project she did with the Ellen show and we hope you enjoy just as much as the other millions of fans she has out there.

This piece was written by Thomas Allen @ Illo Agency
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