Carmen Sanchez works with National Geographic; Kids Weird But True series

Carmen Sanchez was commissioned by National Geographic, to produce illustrations for a book their Kids Weird But True Know-It-All series, specifically about The Middle Ages. This book is packed with important historical information along with the wackiest and weirdest facts ever about the Middle Ages!

This series uses illustrations to bring humour and life into these nonfiction subjects and they felt Carmen was a perfect fit, with her humorous approach.

Carmen said she really enjoyed bringing to life the medieval historical characters, from Genghis Khan to Joan of Arc. The booked is aimed at curious children aged 8-12.

It was written by Michael Burgan and released earlier this year : March 21st, 2023. Thanks to all the team at National Geographic, specifically Eva Absher.

If you’d like more info, please contact: [email protected]

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