An Illustrated Guide to Kanjano's Milan

In one day, for one person, their inspiration can be found in the little things they experience as part of their daily routine. Perhaps. in their morning walk, a person. they meet,  or. from their latest read.  We would like to share some brilliant illustrations based on our artist Kanjano's everyday. Kanjano, or Giuliano Cangiano, is a scallion artist based in Milan. There's something quite special and nostalgic about these animations and illustrations. It makes us want to cherish the small moments in life that we often might dismiss. We hope that you will enjoy these as much as we do. 

"Here I am, 

I've prepared my Milan 'tips'.

I'd rather call them postcards, because they are moments from my city walks. 

Going down to the subway, on Thursday, I always meet this very talented Guitar player and we both say 'hello!'

Often on my train, when I go back home, I can enjoy this unleashed old breakdancer doing stunts for the distracted passengers. 

A few times a week I dedicate my time. to the spiritual art of Kung Fu. It's relaxing and empowering to me. 

At the end of the day I love going to the Naviglio Canal to see my wife rowing so hard.

Sometimes we like to walk with my little nephew we always like telling stories about fantastic Milan standpipes. 

I want to tell you a secret. Walking in the neighbourhood of Corso Buenos Aires,  peering among the garden hedges, you may meet a family of flamingos taking a bath. 

I completed the series with the old man listening to AC/DC

If you would be interested in working with Kanjano, please don't hesitate to contact his agent [email protected]. We would love to hear from you!

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