All the Wonderful Ways to Read, illustrated by Sandra De La Prada

Something brilliant to enjoy with your little bookworms, a delightful story by Laura Baker, illustrated with warmth and humour by Illo’s Sandra de la Prada, and published by Little Tiger Press, that celebrates reading in all its forms.  Titled, "All the Wonderful Ways To Read", here's where to buy the new release (2nd March 23) link

Books take us on journeys that we can all share,
And give us the power to go anywhere!  

So no matter just how, or what book,
or your speed, what I wish for NOW . . .
Is that YOU love to read!  

This fantastic book inspires ALL children to find their own wonderful way of reading.

Sandra is an illustrator from Barcelona, Spain. She studied Fine Arts at the Univeristy of Barcelona. Sandra enjoys illustrating books from all over the world – because it makes her feel like she is travelling there.

When she’s not illustrating, Sandra loves going to the cinema, eating fried eggs, drinking tea, walking in the woods, taking siestas with her cats, Chicho and Rudo, and reading with her son, Miquel.

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