A wonderful Illo cast for the latest articles in Lyft

A wonderful Illo cast for the latest articles in Lyft’s guide to the transportation revolution, Rev.

Rev is Lyft’s editorial brand, that covers everything from rideshare to bikes, electrification to AVs, and urban planning to transportation equity. Rev tells the stories of the people, technology, and ideas that are changing the world of transportation. 

This time round we’re sharing new pieces by Detroit based artist Justine Allenette Ross, whose artwork accompanies Lyft’s piece titled “Juneteenth round-up: Four Black history bike tours”.

A week before Juneteenth, Talib Abdullahi had an idea to get some friends together for a bike ride to explore Austin’s Black history. He wanted to show people that the racial segregation of his city was no accident. He figured maybe 20 or 30 friends would join him. But it turned into so much more - read the full article here.

Betsy Falco created some brilliant art for articles including “Could rideshare help trans people get around more safely?” Here’s the article to see for yourself.

 As well as "EV buying tip #5: The higher the MPGe, the more efficient the EV", which we invite you to view here.

I’m sure you’ll agree that her style, compositions and storytelling work brilliantly.

And finally, an example of Maria Contreras' piece for Lyft, illustrated to enhance the article "Meet Your Driver: Emmanuel Malette". For the “Meet Your Driver” series, Rev asked several Lyft drivers to write about their lives, in their words. More info here.

I’d love to put a frame round each of these pieces, each artist should be very proud!

If you’d like more info, or to work with one of these unique talents, please contact: [email protected]

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