A Successful and Memorable Trip to NYC

Illo's Brand Manager, Tom Allen, recently took a trip to New York City to meet with clients both old and new. This trip was truly a successful and  memorable one for illo.

Tom was in NYC for just over a week to meet with clients such as NBC Universal, Scholastic, Workman, Hogarth, adam&eveddb, and Facebook/Meta. A highlight of the trip was getting to meet with NBC Universal in Rockefeller Plaza, then over to a meeting with Facebook all in one day! Conversations with clients ranged from integrating more diversity throughout projects to adapting brave new animation styles in their campaigns. Something else that came up a lot in meets was the idea of bravery through diversity. 

Seeing companies embrace change and adapt illustration and animation is something we love to see. We have recently wrapped up two amazing projects embracing this change in Pharma care. With Essity Fem Care, we created 5 SEO videos around girls going through puberty and getting their first periods. We will be sharing this project soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Another one we just shared was the Johnson & Johnson Imodium animation. Both of these projects are garnering lot of attention and praise. 

It was amazing meeting up with clients in person and having great conversations filled with creativity about embracing diversity and trying new things. Illo Agency will be back in NYC the week of February 13, so get in touch with amy@illoagency to set up a meeting!

If you have any questions or a specific project in mind, please do get in touch: [email protected]

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