illustrated book cover

Here at Illo we are going to share with you over the coming months a bit more about our site, and the areas that you can use to help explore artists, artwork and categories to make your searching as quick and easy as possible. Of course you can get in touch with our amazing team here at Illo and we will happily help with any collection, availability and sample you are in need of the same day.

As we have mentioned once or twice, here at Illo we have some amazingly distinct and diverse artists, and we currently group our artists imagery into 4 main areas to help make it quick and easy for you to be able to filter through artwork appropriate to your area of interest. We are always looking to expand on this and welcome any feedback to improve our features, just let the team know.

So the areas are:

This week we are going to focus on Book Cover Illustration, which despite the saying, it is hard not to judge a book by its cover when it has such amazing book artwork featured, especially when its from an Illo Artist! We have applied some of the artwork that we have filtered through into context on some digital dummies - they are not necessarily real titles. 

All our artists are available for new enquiries regarding illustrated book jackets, and we are happy to send over some more appropriate artwork based on the project you have, as well as getting in touch with the artist to check their availability for a project. Just get in touch with one of the team at Illo and we will be happy to help make your ideas into the best illustrated book cover artwork ever!

Here is a list of the artists featured if you want to see more of their work:

  1. Maria Gabriella Gaspari
  2. Eva Naroditskaya
  3. Maria Gabriella Gaspari
  4. Joelle Avelino
  5. Nick Shepherd
  6. Jordan Kay
  7. Luke Carter
  8. Barbara Tamilin
  9. Tamaretto
  10. Laura Klamburg
  11. Sara Gironi Carnevale
  12. Juan Fardo
  13. Pham Quang Phuc
  14. Nick Shepherd
  15. Sandie Sonke
  16. Grace Tsai
  17. Surasti Puri
  18. Sandra de la Prada
  19. Daniel Ido
  20. Luis Pinto